Ripe & Ready

How can you add more fruits and vegetables to your day?

  1. Be ahead of the Game.  Cut up raw vegetables and pre-package them to use during the week when you have limited time to cook or prepare meals. 
  2. Keep visible reminders. Keep a bowl of whole fruit on the table, counter, or in the refrigerator to help encourage you and your family to eat fruit for a snack.
  3. Discover fast ways to cook. Cook fresh or frozen vegetables in the microwave for a quick and easy dish to add to any meal. 
  4. Visit your local Farmers’ Market.  Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season have more flavors and are usually less expensive. 
  5. Have you family help with preparing meals.  Get your family involved in planning or preparing your meals.  This encourages more meals at home and encourages your family to try and eat new foods.
  6. Try something new. You never know what you may like.  Choose a new vegetable or fruit to try and add to your next recipe. 
  7. While eating out. If your dinner is away from home, no need to worry.  When ordering, ask for a side of vegetables, side salad, or side of fruit instead of the typical fried side dish.
  8. Buy small amounts of fruits and vegetables.  Buy small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure you can eat the foods without throwing any away.
  9. Snack on fruits or vegetables.  The next time you want a snack, replace your typical snack with a piece of fruit or fresh vegetables.
  10. Know your food. Ask your produce farmer where your food came from. Were your fruits and vegetables grown locally? If you’re dining out don’t be afraid to ask for local options.