The Situation

America leads the world in medical research and medical care, and for all we spend on health care, we should be the healthiest people on Earth. Yet on some of the most important indicators, like how long we live, we’re not even in the top 25, behind countries like Bosnia and Jordan. It’s time for America to lead again on health, and that means changing the way we view health. We need to stop thinking of health as something we can get at the doctor’s office but instead as something that starts in our families, in our schools and workplaces, and at our playgrounds and parks. The more you see the problem of health this way, the more opportunities you have to improve it. Scientists have found that the conditions in which we live and work have an enormous impact on our health, long before we ever see a doctor.  It’s time we expand the way we think about health to include how to keep it, not just how to get it back.

Why is the Community Transformation Grant Project needed?

  • Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year.      Unhealthy Americans cost communities, tax payers, and businesses in health care costs and productivity loss, and lower academic achievement for kids and young adults.

What will the Community Transformation Grant Project Do.

  • Health starts in our homes, schools, and communities. The CTG Project allows our communities to design specific interventions that meet the most pressing needs of our populations. The project will invest in proven, effective community-based interventions, and focus on addressing the leading causes of chronic disease, such as tobacco use, obesity, poor nutrition, and health disparities.

Why the Community Transformation Grant Project will work.

  • The opportunity for health begins in our families, neighborhoods, schools and jobs.  The project is developed and managed by community members working together at the local level–those who best know our specific community needs. The project is required to base its efforts on proven, evidence-based approaches and must meet measurable, achievable outcomes.